Top 10 Ghost Adventures Episodes That Will Haunt You Forever

If you’re a paranormal thrill-seeker, get ready to dive into Ghost Adventures’ spookiest, most spine-chilling episodes. Get your ghost-hunting gear ready, and prepare for some goosebumps as we count down ten episodes guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies long after the credits roll.

Note: Season and episode numbers are according to Max subscriptions as of April 2024.

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10 Season 2, Episode 3: Castillo De San Marcos

Constructed by Spanish settlers in the 1600s, the Castillo de San Marcos has witnessed inquisitions, sieges, massacres, and the cries of those who met their end within its walls. As the Ghost Adventures crew ventures into this haunted fort, tensions run high. “I’m nervous,” confesses Aaron, to which Zak retorts, “You’re always nervous.”

In the bone room, an otherworldly scream pierces the silence, sending shivers down Zak’s spine. “It’s giving me chills, man!” he exclaims, his voice trembling with unease. The feeling of being touched by unseen hands unnerves Zak further, followed by a breeze that seems to pass through him like a phantom.

Aaron’s terror intensifies as he hears a growl from the shadows. “I swear to God, man, it’s coming from that corner,” he stammers, his eyes wide with fear. Cold spots manifest, plunging temperatures from 72.6°F to 61.4°F (22.5°C to 16.3°C) in the soldier’s quarters. As Aaron flees in panic from an unseen pursuer, his frantic footsteps echo through the courtyard.

9 Season 3, Episode 1: Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Once a facility for the developmentally disabled, Pennhurst State was forced to close its doors in 1987 amid tales of abuse and neglect. Yet it seems that the tormented souls of its former residents refuse to rest in peace.

As the first official paranormal crew to brave its haunted corridors, Ghost Adventures encountered more than they bargained for. During daytime filming, a sinister metallic clang echoed down the hall, leading them to a desk pushed by unseen hands.

EMF detectors spiked, voices whispered warnings to “go away,” and temperatures fluctuated. Footsteps echoed on the third floor, accompanied by a command to “get out,” as if the spirits were adamant about their unwelcome guests leaving.

EVPs captured pleas for help, followed by physical assaults from the unseen entities. Rocks were hurled, coat racks crashed, and Zak felt a ghostly hand reaching for him. As the Ghost Adventures crew (GAC) delved into Pennhurst’s shadows, they confronted a darkness that defied explanation, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats and haunted by the echoes of the paranormal.

8 Season 6, Episode 5: Letchworth Village

In Season 6, Episode 5 of Ghost Adventures, Zak, Nick, and Aaron journey to Letchworth Village, an abandoned mental institution in Haverstraw, NY. The trio plunges into the depths of Letchworth Village, braving its corridors and shadowy corners.

Nick’s inquiry into the darkness produces an immediate response—a loud knock echoing through the halls. Within the morgue, Aaron’s digital recorder captures a disturbing message: “Shut up, you prick,” whispered from the beyond, accompanied by an icy breath upon his neck. Meanwhile, Zak’s recorder captures a directive: “Pray your god,” a foreboding warning of a lurking hostility.

Zak’s encounter with a looming shadow sends shockwaves through the team. “Oh my God,” he breathes, capturing the entity on video—a sinister presence lurking just beyond the veil. Utilizing the spirit box, the investigators are met with pleas for aid—”Attack” and “Please help”—before Zak is violently pushed and overwhelmed by dizziness.

7 Season 8, Episode 15: Goldfield Hotel

With spirits lurking in every corner, this two-day, two-night investigation at the Goldfield Hotel is packed with encounters that will leave you sleepless for nights to come.

The GAC is plunged into a whirlwind of paranormal activity from the get-go. Using the Ovilus device during a daytime investigation, they receive messages like “Nick,” “night,” and “foe.” But when loud footsteps echo through the empty corridors and a plant mysteriously moves on its own, they realize they’re not alone.

With the caretaker, Virgina, revealing that three spirits are trailing their every move, tension runs high. EVPs capturing chilling phrases like “Let me have it” only add to the growing dread. And when Zak, exploring solo, encounters a mysterious figure and feels the sting of a thrown rock, the fear peaks.

Things turn sinister when Zak’s behavior becomes erratic, culminating in him smashing a camera out of Aaron’s hands. It’s as if something evil has taken hold of him, leaving his team bewildered and on edge.

6 Season 12, Episode 4: Island of the Dolls

Season 12, Episode 4 of Ghost Adventures took viewers on a journey to the infamous Island of the Dolls in Mexico. Zak, already notorious for his phobia of dolls, was face to face with rows upon rows of those little plastic nightmares. “This is like my f*ing worst nightmare,” he exclaimed, and honestly, who could blame him?

With Nick sidelined due to the birth of his daughter, Jay Wasley joined the fray alongside Billy Tolley, operating base camp like a boss. As they cruised up to the island at night, Aaron summed up the vibe perfectly: “This is the creepiest thing.”

Things took a hair-raising turn when they offered Harold the Haunted Doll to the island’s spooky collection, only to have another doll start laughing maniacally behind them. “Straight out of a horror movie,” Aaron quipped. Screams echoed across the island, black masses slithered out of shrines, and footsteps haunted empty huts. And let’s not forget Zak feeling an icy hand on his back when there was nothing there.

5 Season 12, Episode 5: Halloween Special – Ireland’s Celtic Demons

Join Ghost Adventures as they visit the ancient lands of Ireland in Season 12, Episode 5: Halloween Special—Ireland’s Celtic Demons. Nick and Billy find themselves at Leap Castle, where an unsettling presence grips them as they explore. A touch on the shoulder sends shivers down Billy’s back while Nick captures the chilling sound of a woman’s scream echoing through the Bloody Chapel.

Meanwhile, Zak and Aaron venture to the foreboding Hell Fire Club at Montpelier Hill, where a sense of hostility hangs heavy in the air. Zak’s senses are overwhelmed by a threatening force, while Aaron is left trembling as unseen claws graze his ear, leaving him in tears.

Back at base camp, Jay is startled by phantom footsteps echoing through the empty Steward House, prompting Zak to brave its darkened halls alone. Communicating with the spirit realm, Zak receives a chilling revelation as a voice whispers the name “Satan.”

The investigation presses on to Loftus Hall, where they gather in a room where legend has it the devil himself once played cards. The team employs an SLS camera, revealing a figure hovering over Aaron, draining his energy and leaving him nauseated. The supernatural encounters intensify as Aaron feels a phantom hand glide along his arm, plunging them deeper into the chilling depths of the unknown.

4 Season 15, Episode 9: The Domes

The GAC ventures into the depths of the Casa Grande Domes in the Arizona desert. Led by Zak and accompanied by Aaron and Billy, the GAC braces for a night of otherworldly encounters. Amid the shadows, Zak says, “Something knows we are here.” Then, Billy’s camera audio captures an unsettling growl while Zak feels a touch upon his arm.

As the night wears on, the encounters escalate. Aaron, alone and vulnerable, senses an encroaching presence and chillingly receives threatening messages from an Ovilus device. And when Billy, seeking solace in scripture, is met with physical distress and unearthly noises, the team realizes they are facing something far beyond their understanding.

With each passing moment, the line between the living and the dead blurs, culminating in a bone-chilling encounter that leaves Aaron fleeing in terror. His words echo in the darkness: “Dude, I just saw this shadow, horns—horns, everything, man.”

3 Season 16, Episode 6: Route 666

As the GAC travels along Route 666, the darkness they encounter will send shivers down your spine. The first stop, the De Soto Hotel, emanates an eerie aura with the smell of decay lingering near the basement door. A haunting howl greets Aaron and Zak as they descend into the depths.

Aaron’s unsettling sensation of a weight and the chilling words “I’m in control” from the spirit box set the stage for supernatural encounters to come. Even at base camp, Jay experiences the paranormal as the camera controller moves on its own accord, and mysterious hissing fills the air.

The presence of evil is palpable at Concordia Cemetery, the resting place of over sixty thousand souls. Richard Ramirez’s satanic rituals have left a dark stain on this sacred ground. Billy, alone in the cemetery, confronts the evil forces, only to be met with unexpected manifestations—a crow signaling the presence of darkness and spectral figures lurking among the trees.

But the terror reaches its peak at Goatman’s Bridge and Forest. Ashley, the team’s photographer, is gripped by a sinister force, driving her to the brink of madness. Her encounter leads her to flee, abandoning her role in the investigation and, eventually, GAC as a whole.

As the team investigates deeper, they are met with chilling phenomena—a spectral growl, disembodied eyes, and the presence of “Steve,” an evil entity responsible for the haunting. The tension escalates as an unseen force violently throws Aaron, and Zak is overcome by an invisible assailant, clutching his throat in desperation.

2 Season 18, Episode 2: Upper Fruitland Curse

This haunting tale grips you from the start in the landscape of Upper Fruitland, NM. Imagine a family haunted by the spirit of a faceless young boy trapped within their own home. Led by Zak, accompanied by his trusty comrades Aaron, Jay, and Billy, the team plunges headfirst into the heart of the Navajo Nation. Their mission? To unravel the mysteries surrounding this cursed abode and offer solace to the family.

Billy’s encounter with an “evil” EVP sets the stage for the dread that is to come. Aaron’s breathless encounter sends shudders through the crew, his camera malfunctioning as if possessed by unseen forces. And when Zak and Billy’s SLS camera captures figures both with and without heads, the line between the living and the dead blurs into reality.

Lights flicker ominously, shadows dance on the walls, and unseen hands drag furniture across the floor. Jay’s descent into the crawl space unleashes a torrent of terror, culminating in a spine-tingling growl and a lid that falls with a loud crash. As the investigation draws to a close, one thing is certain—the curse of Upper Fruitland lingers, a haunting reminder of the unseen forces that lurk in the darkness, waiting to strike.

1 Season 19, Episode 12: The Titanic Museum

Welcome aboard the spookiest voyage you’ll ever take—a chilling trip to the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri. Join Zak and Jay as they dive into the mysteries of the Promenade Deck, armed with an SLS camera and toy triggers. They’re not alone—a childlike figure dances in and out of view, leaving tiny handprints on freshly cleaned windows as a haunting reminder of an unseen presence.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Billy venture into the Musician’s Gallery, where a chilling pocket of icy air grips them. Billy utters those bone-chilling words, “They’re here.” With the Paranormal Puck 2 and thermal camera in hand, they communicate with a spirit craving sweets, perhaps a lost soul seeking comfort in the offerings of the living.

But the real heart-stopper comes when Zak and Jay encounter a vibrating wall, a tribute to Frederick Fleet’s desperate cry of “Iceberg, right ahead!” The past seems to collide with the present as Zak glimpses an apparition of a little boy. At the same time, the spirit box captures the innocent voice of a child playing peek-a-boo from beyond the grave.

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