Ten of Scotland’s Most Infamous Murder Cases

One killer shoved his new bride off a cliff in Edinburgh for the insurance. Another shot two families in their beds as he burgled their homes. A third was publically hanged for killing a neighbor she’d quarreled with over some allegedly…

10 James Bond Theme Songs That Never Were

The James Bond theme song is as iconic as the girls, guns, and gadgets, and the accompanying title sequence has, over the years, provoked a shift in what audiences expect from film credits. And while it may often seem as if the cultural…

The Ten Best Space Battles in Sci-Fi History

Since the dawn of the motion picture and into the television era, science fiction has remained among the most popular genres. Nothing holds an audience’s attention like faraway worlds. Combining social and political commentary with space…

10 Crazy Things Nature Does with Mucus

In humans, mucus keeps tissues moist, and it also filters the air we breathe, trapping allergens and microorganisms before they can make us sick. Nature, on the other hand, has found more creative and fun purposes for the slimy stuff. Some…

10 Books Bound in Human Skin

There are few things more evocative to book lovers than an old room full of leather-bound tomes. Though I suppose it depends on where the leather came from. Snake, fish, and elephant skin have all been used at times to create the rich…

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