10 Criminal Cases Cracked by Children

Thanks to the Home Alone franchise, millennials would know what is possible if a family with 11 children takes off for the Christmas holiday and a single child is left to fend for himself, all the while two dangerous criminals try to break…

Ten Little-Known Facts about the Dust Bowl

In October 1929, the American stock market crashed. After riding high for much of the 1920s, Wall Street took a major dip, and the economy followed. But for a little while after, Americans farmers far out west didn’t quite feel the effects…

Top Ten Scariest Episodes of Star Trek

The Star Trek franchise has entered into a Golden Age in the 2020s. The science fiction juggernaut, initially launched in 1966, now has multiple series running simultaneously. There have been eight live-action and three animated TV series…

10 Bizarre and Fascinating Animal Brains

The human brain is truly amazing, with over 100,000 neurons packed into segments the same size as a single grain of sand. While our smarts are undeniable, we’re not the only creatures with brains cleverly adapted for survival. From…

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