Ten Troubling Social Trends at U.S. Colleges

When the terms “troubling social trends” and “U.S. colleges” are used in tandem, the first things that come to mind are young-adult vices like binge drinking, fraternity hazing, and a heaping dose of HPV. But alas, other worrisome habits…

Top Ten Times TV Shows Got Experimental

Given the sheer volume of material that television so often demands, it can be very easy for a show to get stale before its time. That’s why, aside from just keeping the quality of the material up to a high standard, writers will often try…

10 Strange and Scary Predictions for 2022

Finally, 2021 is in the rear-view mirror. Most of us enter a new year hoping for bigger and better things. Worldwide, countries are hoping for an end to Covid-19 and a boost in the global economy. Well, don’t get your hopes up. According to…

10 Crimes That You Can Commit without Knowing It

The average person unknowingly breaks three federal laws every day, and one in three Americans have a police record. You’ve probably already broken the law this morning without even realizing it, and no, I’m not talking about you driving…

10 Amazingly Ancient Cosmic Discoveries

In case you haven’t heard, the universe is old. So old, it just kind of popped up about 13.77 billion years ago, for some reason. Throughout that lengthy period, it’s had a lot of time to stretch its feet and evolve into what we see today.…

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