10 Bizarre Facts About Pumpkin Toadlets

There are some strange creatures on Earth, and the tiny pumpkin toadlets (also known as the Brachycephalus species of frogs) who live in Brazil are very strange indeed. So far, scientists have described approximately 36 species within the…

Ten Oldest Known Cave Paintings in the World

The caves of the world contain some of the best ancient works of art ever created. Not all of them may be as spectacular as those of Altamira in Spain, which notably triggered Picasso to say that anything “after Altamira is only decadence.”…

10 Fake Towns with Intriguing Backstories

As the story goes, in 1787, Catherine the Great embarked on a trip to view her newly conquered land of Crimea. Catherine’s lover, and the guy responsible for bringing Crimea into the Russian Empire, Grigory Potemkin, wanted to impress his…

10 Former Lunatic Asylums Now Put to Other Uses

The Victorian era saw hundreds of vast buildings spring up across the UK, Europe, and North America as governments sought to address the “epidemic” of madness that appeared to be growing in lockstep with the industrialization of the western…

10 Legendary Tales of Heroic Pigs

You probably picture pigs running around in a field or rooting in the dirt when you think of the porcine creatures. But what if we told you that these animals are also incredibly brave in addition to being adorable? Pigs have been around…

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