10 Weirdest Feuds in Music History

Even more than most artists, musicians can be a fickle bunch. Whether out of rivalry, jealousy, entitlement, or insecurity, famous musicians tend to drum up a lot of drama. As long as there have been popular musicians, they’ve been quick to…

Top 10 Underrated Film Scores By Famous Composers

Movie buffs know the names behind the music in their favorite films. Hollywood composers usually rise in fame when they get the chance to write music for blockbuster hits, often becoming as recognizable of a name as a movie’s director or…

Top 10 Bizarre Pregnancies

For the most part, pregnancies in people are pretty simple. Whether it’s natural, in vitro, or through surrogacy, the steps remain the same. Take an egg and some sperm, get them together, and nine months later… okay, it’s an…

Top 10 Murderous Wives Ever

Throughout history, there have been many women who have murdered their husbands or partners. Motives have ranged from rage, jealousy, hate, and greed. These women are often labeled black widows by the media. In this list, we look at the…

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