Top 10 Movies That Feel Like An Acid Trip

Want to experience a psychedelic without actually having to consume a substance? Watch one of these movies. The films on this list are visually mesmerizing, have hypnotizing soundtracks, and feature some of the most unconventional story…

Top 10 Animals You Didn’t Know Could Fly

When it comes to flying animals, we often think about the endless varieties of birds and perhaps bats, maybe even pterosaurs from the dinosaur age. But evolution and adaptation is full of surprises. Indeed, you may not realise that flight…

10 New And Strange Reasons To Love Black Holes

A black hole is a mysterious and hungry creature. But they do more than just consume anything that comes too close. Black holes are behind the biggest explosion in space, shoot boomerangs, and create their own planets. They also harbor…

10 More Ridiculous Deaths In Horror Films

Horror films should be, well, horrific right? I mean it is right there in the name. But sometimes the division between what is frightening and what is funny is not always obvious. Movie makers go out of their way to make their audiences…

Top 10 Really Good Things About 2020

Let’s face it: 2020 has been to years what “Cats” was to cinema: a costly, painful, interminably long disaster. And at least Cats featured the reassuring presence of Dame Judy Dench, albeit as a ridiculous, disturbing half-feline version of…

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